Meet Our Associates

Associates we work with:

Our practices are deliberately near one another in Calgary, Alberta where we work with an organization of remarkably capable and caring experts from a wide collection of affiliations and restorative prespectives. They open new gateways for conversation, while they further offer us plenty of referral possibilities when our client's needs are outside the scope of our capacities.

Registered Psychologist

Roche Herbst

Diverse workplace? Managing the unconscious bias is a must for all employees!

Provisional Psychologist

Cal H. Henze

Create harmony in your diversity with Calgary Christian Psychological Counselling.

Registered Psychologist

Gerard Alberts

Tired of getting passed by? Achieve your goals with Calgary Leadership Coaching.


Kelvin Block

Don’t understand your partner? Couples Relationship Counselling creates greater understanding.

Registered Psychologist

Natalie Imbach

Adolescent, couple, or family struggles? Find help and healing in Calgary.

Registered Psychologist

Maureen Theberge

Calgary help and healing through grief and life transitions.

Registered Christian

Roslyn Henze

Experience unity in diversity through our focused Calgary Spiritual Direction experience.

Registered Christian Counsellor

Future Menber

Under Construction

“We do not see things the way they are, we see things the way we are.”
Anaïs Nin